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Located in the northeastern part of the state of Minnesota and the seat of St. Louis County, Duluth was considered to be the state’s largest cities and is also Lake Superior’s major inland port at the western tip, opposite Superior, Wisconsin at the mouth of St. Louis River. The city’s elevation is abrupt and is at the above level of the lake in the high rock bluffs which was once the shoreline of glacial Lake Duluth. The combined harbor of Duluth-Superior served as the western terminus of the Sy. Lawrence Seaway, and even if the area is considered to be icebound during the months of winter, the largest port on the Great Lakes and was also the largest inland seaports in the whole world. One of the main products that were being shipped is the iron ore from the Mesabi Range, coal from the western cities in the United States, and grains that were produced from the Red River Valley and Canada.

Home Prices

442,593 +4%
396,190 +8%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

178 +9%


153 -24%
84 -1%

Market Duration

56 +21%
Population 86,128 (-0.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,117 (-6.77%)