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Minnetonka is located in the state of Minnesota and a suburb of Hennepin County in the western part of Minneapolis. The name of the city, Minnetonka, was derived from the Dakota Sioux term mni tanka, which means "great water." At present, Minnetonka is the home of Cargill, who is the country's largest privately-owned company and is also home of the UnitedHealth Group, which is the state's largest public-owned company. The city has evolved since the middle of the 19th century from being a densely wooded wilderness to extensive agriculture and industrialized economy to a primary residential in nature. The present-day Minnetonka was inhabited by the Dakota and Ojibwe Native Americans before the arrival of the European-Americans in the 1800s.

Home Prices

576,401 +3%
497,500 +2%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

191 +10%


60 -30%
44 +10%

Market Duration

34 -33%
Population 51,368 (0.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,625 (-16.90%)