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Cape Girardeau is located in the southeastern part of the state of southern Missouri and a city in Cape Girardeau County. It sits along the Mississippi River that is bridged to Illinois, at the southeastern edge in the Ozark Plateau. The area was established by the French Canadian, Louis Lorimier, in 1793 and named the site after Jean Baptiste Girardot or Girardeau), who then built the area’s trading post located in the nearby Cape Rock. The Union troops occupied the area during the American Civil War, it then became a bustling river port that is abundant in waterpower fueled flour mills and the sawmills. It then became a bitter struggle in order to obtain an adequate rail service that ended when Louis Houck then organized the Gulf System and then linked Cape Girardeau with the West and the Gulf of Mexico. The city is approximately 175 miles north of Memphis and 115 miles southeast of St. Louis. Cape Girardeau is home to more than 39,000 people, and a lot of them are young professionals. Approximately 53% of the population own their residence. The city’s median home value is $141,500, which is slightly lower than the national average of $184,700. Most residents have a conservative outlook in life. It is a good place for families, with its above average public schools, housing options, and economic diversity. The city experiences four distinct seasons despite having a humid subtropical climate. Spring brings no shortage of drizzles, summer is hot and humid, and winter comes with rain, snow, and sleet. Cape Girardeau has a wide array of destinations. Notable attractions include the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center, Lazy L Safari Park, St. Vincent De Paul Church, Glenn House, and Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge.

Home Prices

94,262 +14%
65,050 -7%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

59 +3%


41 +32%
8 0%

Market Duration

100 +37%
Population 38,816 (9.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,214 (-9.65%)