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Known for its nickname “City of Fountains,” Kansas City has over 200 existing listed funds, both public and private, and more are added regularly. It was said that how it came to be was because of how the city emphasizes the importance of the city’s existence. Kansas City has always been known and loved for two things: strip steak and barbecue. The city has been known for its significant contribution to jazz and blues. The city has left the impression of a comfortable metro area. Still, instead, visitors find a place that has been continuously celebrating its history and innovation. Both locals and visitors can just sit down and enjoy a game of cards in a riverboat casino while enjoying the music. The cost of living can be deemed as cheaper compared to other major metro areas. However, the average income annually may be slightly below compared to the national average. Groceries and other necessities are generally cheaper in the city, but housing prices are going up. Living on the metropolitan side of Kansas can be expensive.

Home Prices

505,566 +6%
354,838 +33%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

190 +13%


137 +1%
60 +20%

Market Duration

44 -28%
Population 467,007 (5.50%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,066 (34.68%)