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Billings is located in the south-central of the state of Montana and the county seat of Yellowstone County, which lies on the Yellowstone River at 3119 feet above sea level. The city is in the Primrock Mountains. The city's first known inhabitants were the Bannock Indians, and those that settled in the area were driven away by the crows, and with that, a Crow reservation is located on the southeast side of the city. The city was named after the railroad president Frederick Billings, and the city's prosperity was started with the arrival of the railroad and collapsed after in 1887, but somehow renewed after 1900 by growing cattle and agriculture. Billings is considered to be the metropolis of the "Midland Empire," and beet, oil refining, and food processing became an essential activity to the city's present economy. The town serves as Yellowstone National Park's gateway.

Home Prices

456,737 +18%
330,150 +9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

136 +5%


301 -27%
148 -1%

Market Duration

47 -14%
Population 109,059 (18.60%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,436 (1.75%)