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Concord is located in the state of New Hampshire and is its capital, it is also within Merrimack County and serves as its cit seat. It sits above Manchester along the Merrimack River. The site was originally granted by the Massachusetts Bay colony as the Penacock Plantation in 1725. The first community that settled was incorporated as Rumford in 1733 by Massachusetts. It was then later on determined that the town is a jurisdiction of the Province of New Hampshire. There was bitter litigation which then ended in appeal to the Privy Council in England, and the dispute was finally ended in 1762. The town then reincorporated by New Hampshire and has then changed its name to Concord which is to signify the peaceful settlement among the boundary dispute. The city’s economy was mostly based on printing and has become an important industry with the town’s development. At the end of the 19th century, there were railroads and repair shops became more dominant. The quintessential New England town of Concord, New Hampshire popular choice for those looking for a home in the Granite State. The city used to be known for its politics, but it’s now undergoing a renaissance of sorts. Concord’s Main Street is welcoming a host of fine dining and unique restaurants, while the budding art scene is drawing enthusiasts from all over the state. There’s also a new Indie movie theater and performance arts center plus public art installations all over the highly walkable downtown. Aside from its renewed commitment to the arts, Concord keeps its residents busy with canoeing, skiing, hiking, visiting gallery’s, bookstores, museums, walking tours, farms, community suppers, country fair, and other regular activities. Thanks to the rich and active lifestyle offered by city, many homes are pass down generations. However, there’s still plenty of new build constructions for those who want to settle down in Concord, New Hampshire.

Home Prices

386,534 +1%
359,950 +4%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

146 -10%


29 -42%
20 -44%

Market Duration

43 +25%
Population 42,419 (4.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,250 (3.26%)