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Bayonne is located in the northeastern part of the state of New Jersey and sits on the peninsula that is in between Newark and the Upper New York bays that are adjacent to Jersey City. The city is connected to Staten Island in New York on the southern side and was initially named Bergen Neck and was later on changed to Constable Hoeck when it was then consolidated with Centerville, Bergen Point, and Salterville. When it was incorporated as a city, the name was changed to Bayonne, and from 1850 until World War I, the city was then known for its yacht building. Bayonne has been a center for oil refining since 2875 and is now the terminus for a number of pipeline systems, which includes the Big Inch from Longview, Texas. The city’s economy is primarily based in manufacturing that provides machinery, textiles, and chemicals, and has then become an extensive docks and shipyards waterfront.

Bayonne, NJ Prices for Houses for Sale

428,874 +7%
399,450 +5%

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Listings of Bayonne Homes for Purchase

112 -10%
88 0%

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24 0%

Local Statistics

Population 65,165 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,095 (-7.91%)

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