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Located and the capital city of the state of New Jersey, it also serves as the seat of Mercer County and considered to be the industrial metropolis at the head of the Delaware River navigation. It is situated in the northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the southwest of New York City. The completion of the Delaware and Raritan Canal and the Camden and Amboy Railroad in the 1830s started the industrial growth and development and the start of its iron industry. A rolling mill was opened in Trenton and some mills were moved to the city wherein the manufacturing of cable for suspension bridges, including the Brooklyn Bridge. In 1868, the open-hearth process for steel-making was introduced in the United States. Railroad, trucking, rubber, metalworking, plastics, and among others are now the current and foremost enterprises in Trenton.

Home Prices

299,767 +16%
262,125 +12%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

146 +3%


238 -37%
144 +14%

Market Duration

54 -9%
Population 84,349 (-1.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,575 (4.90%)