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West New York is located in the northeastern part of New Jersey and a town in Hudson County and sits along the Hudson River and is adjacent to Weehawken. The area where the present-day West New York stands were settled by the Dutch in 1790 and used to be alternately part of Guttenberg and North Bergen until 1898, and was then separated as a town from North Bergen. It sits along the northern part of Jersey City and is directly on the western part of Manhattan Island in New York City, and is a part of the New Jersey and Port of New York and has docks and grain elevators that serve the oceangoing ships. The city is an industrial community and has been manufacturing apparel, silk, embroideries, and leather goods.

Home Prices

612,707 +1%
488,550 -8%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

0 -100%


247 -11%
96 +41%

Market Duration

70 +40%
Population 52,122 (13.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 0 (-100.00%)