The city’s character is a result of various forces playing a vital role as there are centuries of history that have shaped the modern city. For thousands of years, the Native Americans have lived in the city up until the city has grown into a multicultural metropolis. Albuquerque has remained and retained its vital connections to its history as evident to the ancient rock carvings in the Petroglyph National Monument to its historic Old Town Plaza and a trail of the famous vintage neon signs along Route 66. It may seem that the nightlife of the city was tamed by big-city standards, it has a robust culinary food scene which features the city’s local green and red chili peppers, including the famous wineries and breweries. It may be that the city’s cost of living may be slightly below the national average. Still, the city has one of the highest property tax rates in New Mexico. However, its residents have been paying slightly less in utilities, groceries, and transportation than the average Americans. With its rich culture, Albuquerque is a fantastic place to visit and a place to call your home.

Population 556,495  (23.50%)

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