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Yonkers is New York’s fourth-largest city and Westchester County’s most significant. Yonkers is located along the Hudson River, wherein it also serves as the gateway to New York City and the Hudson Valley. There is almost an opportunity available to its residents as the city continues to grow as commercial and economic investments are pouring in the city over the years. And with luxury high-rise apartments and structures that offer a magnificent view of the Hudson River, restaurants, shops, and parks continue to emerge to cater to its booming population. Most of the city residents are of African, Caribbean, Italian, and Mexican descent. At the same time, there is a rise in the influx of immigrants that come from other cultural backgrounds.

Home Prices

418,505 -3%
395,925 -14%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

230 -10%


141 -27%
60 -24%

Market Duration

39 -34%
Population 199,766 (1.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,233 (-11.49%)