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Rock Mount is located in the eastern-central of the state of North Carolina and a city in Nash and Edgecombe counties and is in the northeastern part of Raleigh. The area where the present-day Rocky Mountain stands was settled by the Virginians at the start of the middle of the 1700s after the end of the Tuscarora Indians that took place within 1711 to 1713. Ther city name Rocky Mount was first used to designate the location of the site in 1816 with its first post office and was said to be taken after the rocky mounds and ridges that are found within the nearby falls of the Tar River. With the arrival of the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad in 1840, the center was developed to become a rail center and was merged with the village of Rock Mount Hills, which was established around the cotton mills by the falls in the river.

Home Prices

161,825 +20%
139,520 +17%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

70 -1%


131 -40%
36 -4%

Market Duration

90 +3%
Population 56,954 (-3.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,770 (15.48%)