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Cincinnati is the government’s seat of power of Hamilton County and a major city in the state of Ohio which serves as the cultural and economic hub of the country, and based on the increase of the economic output, has been considered to be the fastest-growing economic power in the United States's Midwest. However, it has been quite notable that despite the growth culturally and economically over the past few years, not all residents can enjoy the same increase as the socio-economic backgrounds are noticeable because the neighborhood has been divided. Some residents were able to enjoy the upscale communities; however, a majority are living in the lower-income areas. Cincinnati has been reproduced by Americans, just like in most major cities in the country, but has also been homes to Scots Irish, frontiersmen, and keelboats.

Home Prices

412,813 +17%
385,311 +25%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

126 -0%


451 -16%
164 -17%

Market Duration

58 +12%
Population 297,517 (-10.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,838 (2.78%)