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Fairfield is located in the state of Ohio and a suburban community in both Butler and Hamilton counties. It is approximately situated 25 miles going north of Cincinnati and on the eastern part of the Great Miami River bank. Before the Europeans settled in the area of the present-day Fairfield, it was the home to many Indian tribes, and the most prominent of these tribes were the Shawnee and Miami. It can also be noted that the prehistoric Hopewell and Adena people constructed numbers of earthworks that are built around the city, although most of these structures were removed by the early settlers in order to accommodate the farm fields that they were developing and cultivating. The modern-day Fairfield is part of the original Symmes Purchase or also known as the Miami Purchase. After the purchase, there were hamlets that were built to serve the surrounding countryside, and the hamlet of Fairfield was located on the eastern part of the Great Miami River where it presently stands. Fairfield spans just 21 square miles across the counties of Butler and Hamilton, but it’s one of Ohio’s fastest growing cities. Traffic inside the city is generally minimal, and the neighborhoods are some of the safest in the state. The schools in Fairfield register excellent scores. Real estate prices are a good fit for growing families and professionals living alone. On top of this, Fairfield is also known for its lively local culture. The citywide “Red, White, and Kaboom” festival during fourth of July is popular among residents and tourists. The Christmas season features “Light Up Fairfield,” a fantastic holiday event held a at the city’s Village Green. During the rest of the year, everyone can use the city’s 29 parks and recreation facilities. This includes a community arts center, a golf course, fishing lake, and an extensive hiking and biking system. The small-town charm of the city has attracted many lifelong residents to Fairfield.

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263,057 +11%
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Population 42,603 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,716 (-6.26%)

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