Huber Heights, Ohio Houses for Sale

Huber Heights is located in the state of Ohio and a city in Montgomery and Miami counties. The city’s famous motto is “America’s largest community of brick homes.” The city was named after the developed who then constructed numerous houses that later on came to constitute the city, and in 1956, the suburban development started in Huber Heights. The former Wayne Township was incorporated as the City of Huber Heights. The city then continuously grew through annexing parcels that are in Miami County. Huber Heights was considered to be one of the largest suburbs that is within the Daytona Metropolitan Statistical Area in terms of population. The rapidly-growing city is home to distributors, high-tech manufacturers, and over 800 other businesses. The city’s booming economy is bolstered by its close proximity the I-75/I-70 “Crossroads of America” interchange and the Dayton International Airport. This gives businesses easy access to approximately 500 acres of high-traffic retail locations and 600 acres of prime land at the Huber Heights business park. On the residential side, property values in the area are maintained by friendly neighborhoods and quality homes. Most residential developments are conveniently located near two MetroParks, extensive community parks, full-service YMCA, and other local resources. Huber Heights also has an excellent reputation as a family-focused city. Students learn within an amazing school system, with many available activities like sports, movie theaters, bowling, and mini golf. Thanks to its thriving economy, well-educated and highly skilled workforce, vibrant local scene, and commitment to giving locals a great experience, Huber Heights is considered one of Ohio’s best cities today.

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