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Toledo is part of an area known as the Great Black Swamp, located in the northwestern part of the state of Ohio and the country seat of the Lucas County at the mouth of the bridged Maumee River. The city is known as the “Glass City” from its history in the glass-making industry. Its economy has been slowly expanding from automotive products to high-tech solutions, which have been primarily focusing on solar energy, glass, and the service sector. Its area is a thriving cultural scene because of its world-class museums, its fierce commitment to good education, and a receptive environment to put up and flourish business and by making the area a preferred location for talent and diverse innovation. It may not be a hub for tourists like most major cities. However, the residents know the city’s secrets, which makes the city an excellent choice to live in because of its low cost of living and a string of outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy and look forward to.

Home Prices

68,818 +29%
55,000 +3%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

46 +2%


96 -26%
52 -21%

Market Duration

45 -9%
Population 282,313 (-10.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,160 (-3.90%)