Located in the central part of the state of Oklahoma and is a city in Oklahoma County, it is situated immediately north of Oklahoma City. In 1889, the town sprang up overnight during the “land runs” that opened formerly Indian lands to a white settlement. The area was then named for Colonel Edmond B. Townsend, who was one of the first people who took a claim in the town. The West Edmund Fields has been known to have one of the biggest oil fields in the world. Edmond has started to manufacture petroleum products, flour, feed, and concrete blocks. In 1890, the first university, University of Central Oklahoma, was established as a Territorial Normal School. The famed aviator, Wiley Post, who together with the famed comedian Will Rogers died during a plane crash in 1935 was buried in the city’s Memorial Park Cemetery and whose tombstone attracts numbers of visitors every year.

Population 87,004  (26.90%)

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