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The city is at an elevation of almost 1,200 feet. It is located in a valley that slopes up, forming gently rolling hills. Its weather is deemed to be typical of the southern Great Plains considering its hot, long summers and its short, cold winters. The city has been known colloquially as Tornado Alley since it is prone to severe and frequent tornadoes that occur almost every month yearly. The neighborhoods have been considered to be extremely varied since the city is bisected culturally and geographically. The city’s northern side is characterized by fashionable urban neighborhoods that are near the center and its sprawling suburbs going further north. The southern area is generally a more blue-collar working class. Oklahoma City is more industrial, which is Stockyards and plants for meatpacking and has become a center for Oklahoma City’s rapidly growing number of Latino communities.

Home Prices

487,369 +7%
393,754 +5%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

180 +7%


366 -11%
148 +5%

Market Duration

58 +6%
Population 610,613 (20.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,313 (8.25%)