Tulas is located on the northeast part of the Arkansas River of Oklahoma. Tulsa has once been considered as the oil capital of the United States. Over the years, Tulsa has developed into a vibrant, albeit small, but common area. The city has been home to a unique culture that is comprised of the by each region, in addition to its heritage from cowboys and the Native Americans. With its low cost of living and stay and where you can find almost everything in the metro area, people are drawn to the city to live. Its home sale price is well below the national median and that the average income in the area is also lower compared to the nearby cities, which make its residents make enough to live comfortably. Above a quarter of the city’s total population are populated by people under 20 which makes the city have a sizable number of the millennial. Home to world-class museums, it has numerous performing arts venues, festivals that happen annually, and a growing number of public monuments and sculptures.

Population 398,121  (1.30%)

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