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Erie is situated in the northwestern part of the state of Pennsylvania and the seat of Erie County, Erie is situated in the southeastern shore of Lake Erie, where a peninsula has enclosed a natural harbor. The city was named after the Erie Indians that were the first settlers in the area. The area remained to be a wilderness when it was purchased after the American Revolution by Pennsylvania from the federal government. The early industries of the city's economy were based on agriculture and have primarily supplied the region's overall economy. With the extension of the Erie Extension Canal and the railway construction increased and diversified economic development. Manufacturers now include plastics, locomotives, electrical equipment, metalworking, and machinery, among others. Erie presently has an art and historical museum, planetarium, and a zoo.

Home Prices

221,379 +12%
129,950 +18%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

89 +26%


28 -39%
16 +33%

Market Duration

33 -60%
Population 100,671 (-2.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,475 (10.65%)