Pittsburgh has been considered to have easily navigable waterways because of the abundance of its natural resources, like coal, iron, natural gas, etc., which even helped become the city a growing nation. It became the United States’ industrial gub for steel production and mining hole for coal and has been known as Bltzburgh and Steel City. When the steel industry died in the city, Pittsburgh earned another nickname: Reinvention City, when the steel mills closed during the 1980s, and the city became cleaner and recovered with full energy. Housing has been relatively cheaper compared to its nearby cities. Still, its residents have noticed that the prices for houses have risen gradually over the years. And because of its affordable housing and steady job growth, younger generations start to flock in Pittsburg, where most of the college graduates remain in the city to find opportunities with many companies who now nestles in the city.

Population 305,841  (-8.30%)

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