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Providence is located in the northeast part of Narragansett Bay; it is considered to be the oldest city in the United States. Providence is located in a small state, but it has a lot of coastlines and that many bays and islands will equal about 400 miles off the coast. The city was one of the many cities in the United States that was industrialized and became notable for its textile manufacturing and subsequently with jewelry, machine tools, and the silver industry. Present-day Providence is now home to seven schools and eight hospitals, which significantly impacted the economy’s shift from its manufacturing activities to the service industries. It also has a thriving arts scene and community, a diverse neighborhood, renowned restaurants, and tons of other things that residents and visitors can enjoy.

Home Prices

340,284 +20%
275,500 +9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

206 +3%


143 -30%
100 +8%

Market Duration

40 -12%
Population 177,994 (2.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,355 (2.78%)