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Germantown is located in the state of Tennessee and a city in Shelby County. The city is a suburb of Memphis and is situated as a border on its east-southeast portion. The city’s economy has been greatly dominated by the commercial and retail service sectors and has been chiefly providing a great percentage of its employment as there is no heavy industry that is in Germantown. The city’s center is referred to as “Old Germantown” neighborhood, and has been anchored by a railroad depot that was built nearby, and wherein the railroad tracks that will recall the community’s early days of its development as it was used as an outpost for the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. Germantown has been recorded to have the lowest crime rate based on any state its size in the state of Tennessee and its police and fire departments have an average of five minutes emergency response time. The city holds the Germantown Festival, several horse shows, and other amazing affairs every year. Germantown is home to more than 39,200 people, and approximately 86% of the population own their home. The city’s median home value is $302,800, which is significantly higher than the national average of $184,700. Germantown’s median household income of $113,392 is also higher than the national average. Most of the city’s residents have a conservative outlook in life.

Home Prices

612,214 +1%
425,050 +2%

Relative Price (per sqft.)



60 -20%
44 +57%

Market Duration

37 -26%
Population 39,375 (4.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 0 (N/A)