“Keep Austin Weird,” a phrase that is commonly emblazoned on the town’s shirts and bumper stickers, how the city embraced its alternative cultures. Home to the United States’ significant universities and served as an essential center for film, food scene, music, politics, and technology. With the city’s ethnically diverse population, less than half are of European descent, more than one-third are Hispanic, and slightly less than one-eight are African Americans and Asian Americans. Even with a population that’s almost a million and with a yearly 30 million visitors, the city has kept its small-town heart and has earned their people’s love for culinary prowess, great music, and a sociable streak that everyone can find hard to resist. The weather is generally good year-round, where out of 365 days, the city gets an average of 300 days of warm and cold sunshine. The high quality of life, favorable employment prospects, relatively pleasant climate, and the low cost of living are some of the things that can attract the attention of the many.

Population 885,400  (31.70%)

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