Carrollton, Texas Houses for Sale

Located at the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Carrollton features a vast job market, various tourist attractions, and top colleges. In its early years, Carrollton’s economy has been exclusively devoted to agriculture. However, when the Dallas-Wichita Railroad through Trinity Mills in 1978 started, it was the start of the industrial significance for the city. The city’s importance to the region was then strengthened when the railroad was constructed. It was then when the town started to build mills for flour, cotton gins, and other structures significant to city building. Presently, the city is now deemed to be a community of young people. Residents are attracted to build houses in Carrollton because of the high quality of life, safe neighborhoods, numerous and abundant parks, and top-rated schools.

Carrollton, TX Prices for Houses for Sale

518,446 +31%
516,550 +36%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of Carrollton Homes for Purchase

113 +26%
196 +22%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

18 -32%

Crime & Safety

Police Officers 169  
Police Civilians 53  
Total Arrests 1,112 (2020)
Total Incidents 3,622 (2020)
CrimeScore 12.69  
National Rank 1421st  
Statewide Rank 168th  

Local Statistics

Population 139,892 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,329 (13.37%)

Criminal Offenses

Animal Cruelty 2
Arson 4
Assault Offenses 469
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 331
Counterfeiting/Forgery 39
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property 281
Drug/Narcotic Offenses 832
Fraud Offenses 199
Homicide Offenses 6
Human Trafficking 1
Kidnapping/Abduction 1
Larceny/Theft Offenses 1,224
Motor Vehicle Theft 215
Pornography/Obscene Material 12
Prostitution Offenses 1
Robbery 36
Sex Offenses 32
Sex Offenses, Non-forcible 1
Stolen Property Offenses 10
Weapon Law Violations 115

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