A city rich in stuff from where American Legends are born, Dallas has become the most mythologized city in the United States. With the famous Dallas tv series, it has defined to the world what the United States was and made the Cowboys and their cheerleaders have become iconic. Deviating from the other cities in Texas, the city has avoided the boom-and-bust industry of oil, to the point that Dallas is the country’s fastest-growing metropolis. Today, it has become a cosmopolitan city that has been known for its numbers of shopping centers, restaurants, with its skyscrapers, such as the Reunion Tower and the Bank of America Plaza, which created a strikingly beautiful skyline. Dallas has become a sprawling megalopolis, and each of its neighborhoods has created its distinct personality. With its muggy and hot summers to its relaxed, rainy winters, the Dallas spring and fall became the best time to visit the city.

Population 1,257,676  (5.60%)

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