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Grapevine is located in the state of Texas and a city and suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth that is in the northeastern part of Tarrant County. In 1843, General Sam Houston and a fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped in the area that was known as Grape Vine Springs to meet the ten leaders of the Indian nations. The meeting emerged with the signing of the treaty to maintain peace, friendship, and commerce, and in which will the area be opened to the homesteaders. A settlement emerged quickly because of the area's location that is on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie that is nearby the Grape Vine Springs. The first settlement that was recorded was in the latter part of the 1840s and the early part of the 1850s. The growth started in the 19th century; however, the increase was slow but steady. The area now has approximately 800 residents and wherein a public school several cotton gins, and a post office was established.

Home Prices

456,831 -9%
425,000 +0%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

181 +5%


63 -34%
44 +10%

Market Duration

45 -26%
Population 50,195 (17.60%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,237 (-12.05%)