League City, Texas Houses for Sale

Located in the state of Texas and a city in Galveston County, the city is situated within the Greater Houston metropolitan area. The city has a left a portion of their land area that is in the north of Clear Creek and is located within Harris County that will be used primarily to be zoned for commercial and residential uses. Little League was originally settled by the Karankawa Indians and their village was built on the same site where the city presently sits. Three families are considered to be the founding families of the city. It is home to many waterside resorts, like the South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Center, and the Waterford Harbor, and the Yacht Marina, which are popular residents of the nearby Houston.

League City, TX Prices for Houses for Sale

530,181 +26%
444,250 +21%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of League City Homes for Purchase

117 -4%
164 -24%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

23 -22%

Crime & Safety

Police Officers 116  
Police Civilians 47  
Total Arrests 1,041 (2020)
Total Incidents 3,675 (2020)
CrimeScore 19.79  
National Rank 2272nd  
Statewide Rank 281st  

Local Statistics

Population 108,477 (0.01%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,639 (-1.42%)

Criminal Offenses

Animal Cruelty 8
Assault Offenses 833
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 148
Counterfeiting/Forgery 61
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property 245
Drug/Narcotic Offenses 465
Embezzlement 13
Extortion/Blackmail 10
Fraud Offenses 482
Homicide Offenses 3
Kidnapping/Abduction 4
Larceny/Theft Offenses 1,208
Motor Vehicle Theft 126
Pornography/Obscene Material 18
Prostitution Offenses 1
Robbery 25
Sex Offenses 67
Stolen Property Offenses 48
Weapon Law Violations 75

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