Odessa, Texas Houses for Sale

Located and the seat of Ector County, Odessa is partly located in Midland County as well in the western part of Texas. The city lies in the part of the west of Midland, in the southern High Plains. When the oil was discovered in the 1920s, the capital of Odessa expanded rapidly. With its strategic location near the oil-rich Permian Basin, it was able to develop a significant distribution-processing-servicing point for the petrochemical complex within. With ranching that is continuing to augment the city’s economy, several establishments are starting to rise and took shelter in Odessa. The Odessa Meteor Crater is one of the largest found in the United States, and that the fragments of the meteorites are displayed in the University of Texas. There are several tourist spots in the city that draw visitors, the Globe Theater, a replica of the house of Anne Hathaway, the White-Pool House, the Presidential Museum, and others.

Odessa, TX Prices for Houses for Sale

334,210 +5%
250,979 -5%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of Odessa Homes for Purchase

556 -13%
268 +7%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

50 -20%

Crime & Safety

Police Officers 137  
Police Civilians 61  
Total Arrests 244 (2020)
Total Incidents 562 (2020)
CrimeScore 2.90  
National Rank 287th  
Statewide Rank 26th  

Local Statistics

Population 125,413 (0.02%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,843 (-5.60%)

Criminal Offenses

Assault Offenses 182
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 45
Counterfeiting/Forgery 18
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property 32
Drug/Narcotic Offenses 127
Fraud Offenses 28
Homicide Offenses 2
Kidnapping/Abduction 2
Larceny/Theft Offenses 150
Motor Vehicle Theft 32
Pornography/Obscene Material 1
Robbery 10
Sex Offenses 5
Stolen Property Offenses 3
Weapon Law Violations 12