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Rockwall is located in the state of Texas and a city and seat of Rockwall county. The city’s name was derived from a naturally joined geological formation, wherein the appearance is likened to an artificial wall. The city has an association dedicated to the Paleo-Indian artifacts for the extinct Pleistocene mammal remains that are located in various sites in the area and within the Texas Prairie-Savannah Region which is situated on the eastern part of Northcentral Texas. The first settlers in the area were the Anglo-Americans who moved in the area and started to dig wells all around. During the course of their digging, they were able to find large underground rock walls that were initially thought to be manmade than natural. After a few years, there were subsequent studies that were made and found that the rock formations are joined, natural, and have sandstone dikes that had intruded on the Cretaceous marl.

Home Prices

498,607 -2%
405,004 -1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

140 +1%


429 -5%
164 -15%

Market Duration

61 +23%
Population 40,922 (117.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,927 (-5.14%)