The city is a colorful mix of the Texan and the Mexican culture, which has evolved over the years. Since World War II, it has played an essential role in the military center. It has been home to five of the largest military installations in the United States. San Antonio has embraced its cultural diversity and was able to preserve much of its historical atmosphere. It offers the amenities that are in the big cities with world-renowned attractions that were coupled with an inviting and relaxed ambiance. Their pace of life can be quiet or can be as active as what one can choose. The 18th-century Spanish structures created a beautiful contrast of the modern office buildings. The city boasts its green spaces, spectacular parks, festive and colorful seasonal events, local dining, drinking, and shopping. With its bursting culture mixed with its rich history and modern attractions, San Antonio is eager to host you.

Population 1,409,019  (21.00%)

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