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The Colony is located in the state of Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas and a city in Denton County. It was said that the city’s name was Peter’s Colony, and its headquarters were within the present-day boundaries of The Colony based on the historical community of Stewartsville and was the site of the Hedgcoxe War. The Colony did not exist when Fox and Jacobs, the home developers who purchased the land that sits along State Highway 121 and the Farm to Market Road 423 in 1973. The name “The Colony '' was then chosen by them as they wanted to show the developments that were made and to share a sense of kinship with the early history of Texas and also to create a living monument to the spirit and the courage of the Peter Colonists. The city was then envisioned as a “dream city” which will then consist primarily of homes that will be good for single-families and will then be grouped together as a colony based on the infrastructure specifications of Dallas City.

Home Prices

438,249 -6%
400,049 -9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

162 +4%


181 -22%
84 -19%

Market Duration

55 +10%
Population 39,458 (45.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,401 (-15.37%)