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Located south of Salt Lake City and is along the Wasatch Fort, and the seat of Utah County, it is also the biggest city in the county. Provo is arguably one of the cities that has the most beautiful and majestic backdrop within the Wasatch Front and has boasted its scene to the rest of the country. With an inspiring citadel of solid rock that serves as the centerpiece to the Utah Valley, Mount Timpanogos adds to the city's charm. At present, Provo had set itself as a place that is thriving in health care, education, tech, and its scenic view with easy access to the Provo Canyons. The Provo River has also served as a destination for fly-fishing, kayaking, and floating, and the surrounding mountains that are perfect for hiking, horseback riding, and mountaineering. There is never a dull moment to waste when you are in Provo.

Home Prices

313,506 -8%
287,450 +1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

218 +39%


30 -3%
20 +25%

Market Duration

29 -49%
Population 116,288 (10.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,224 (-39.94%)