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Surrounded by the Great Salt Lake in the northwest and of the Wasatch Range to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west, Salt Lake City is located in the northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley. Because of its railroads, the city has been known in history as the “Crossroads of the West.” Steel mining and railroad operations have provided a substantial economic presence in the town over the years. Today, the city’s economy is boosted by its major sectors in transportation, trade, utilities, business, and professional services. The region is being flanked by millennials downtown because of the region’s vibrant urban culture. Young professionals and college students compose a large chunk of the city’s population because of its low cost of living and that housing developments and condos are rising throughout the region, which keeps the housing rates down.

Home Prices

747,872 +10%
546,741 +4%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

247 +13%


631 -19%
448 -18%

Market Duration

40 +11%
Population 191,180 (5.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,417 (-3.72%)