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Located in the state of Utah and is a suburb of Salt Lake City. The city was integrated in 1980 from a vast, fast-growing unincorporated area. Situated in Salt Lake Valley's northwestern side and is located in between Salt Lake City in the north. West Valley has a crime rate record of 43 per one thousand residents, and the city has been considered as one of the cities in the United States with the highest crime rates in comparison to all other communities of the same size. It has been noted that the chance of being a victim while in the city of either a property or a violent crime is one in 23, which is pretty high and alarming. Despite that, West Valley has been developing new city centers and projects for new establishments. Since it has been surrounded by one the fastest-growing population in the United States, West Valley is remarkably noted to be a business-friendly environment. It has already attracted over 4,500 popular companies all over the country.

Home Prices

337,769 +12%
329,583 +10%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

175 +18%


65 -65%
72 -35%

Market Duration

25 -17%
Population 133,579 (22.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,797 (-11.40%)