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Located in the eastside of King County and is situated across Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue has been characterized as a suburb, an edgy city, and a lot more. Although it is the high-tech and retail center of the county wherein there are more than 150,000 jobs given, much of Bellevue's area retains a small-town feel, with a woodsy and thriving neighborhood, and an area of a vast network of green spaces and miles of trails, swimming beaches, and public parks. The downtown area has a large lawn, a waterfall, and gardens. With nearly 100 parks built, the city has been known as a "city in a park," and where the crime rates are consistently low. The retail options abound in the town and that artists from all over the city enter their striking new works during the Bellwether arts festival held annually and that Bellevue continuously celebrates its agrarian tradition in the spring and fall.

Home Prices

1,677,368 +7%
1,316,533 +6%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

513 +4%


247 -32%
188 -17%

Market Duration

30 -5%
Population 133,992 (19.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,538 (4.12%)