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Marysville is located in the state of Washington and a city in Snohomish County and is a section of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. It sits along the northern part of Seattle and is adjacent to Everett on the north portion of the Snohomish River delta. The area where the present-day Marysville stands were established as a trading post in 1872 by James P. Comeford; however, it was not populated by the other settlers until the start of 1883. The growth of the city’s economy was brought about by the construction of new buildings and the establishment of new industries. The village’s economy was based on lumber and the agrarian products such as the strawberry fields that are abundant in the area and had led Marysville into being known in the 1920s as “Strawberry City.”

Home Prices

505,122 +7%
452,538 +2%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

247 +15%


99 -18%
92 -36%

Market Duration

36 +39%
Population 63,269 (115.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,920 (-3.01%)