New Berlin, Wisconsin Houses for Sale

New Berlin is located in the state of Wisconsin and a city in Waukesha County. It is situated in the eastern part of Waukesha County. The area’s first settlers arrived in the northeastern part where the present-day New Berlin stood in 1836, Sidney Evans and P.G. Harrington. The area’s first local government was established in 1838 which is a part of the Town Muskego, wherein at the time was composed to become New Berlin and Muskego. In 1839, the present-day area of NewBerlin was separated from Muskego and was then named Town of Mentor. Mentor was renamed to New Berlin in 1840 by Sidney Evans after his hometown in New York, New Berlin. The area has remained rural and agricultural area up until the 1940s and the westward migration to the suburbs from Milwaukee then started.

New Berlin, WI Prices for Houses for Sale

538,547 +44%
480,000 +36%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of New Berlin Homes for Purchase

20 +3%
44 -34%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

27 -3%

Crime & Safety

Police Officers 66  
Police Civilians 14  
Total Arrests 278 (2020)
Total Incidents 934 (2020)
CrimeScore 10.98  

Local Statistics

Population 39,812 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,471 (13.11%)

Criminal Offenses

Assault Offenses 56
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 21
Counterfeiting/Forgery 7
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property 98
Drug/Narcotic Offenses 328
Embezzlement 2
Extortion/Blackmail 3
Fraud Offenses 83
Larceny/Theft Offenses 432
Motor Vehicle Theft 10
Pornography/Obscene Material 5
Prostitution Offenses 1
Robbery 3
Sex Offenses 12
Sex Offenses, Non-forcible 1
Stolen Property Offenses 4
Weapon Law Violations 34

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