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How To List Your House On Zillow? is one of the most popular listing websites for real estate on the Internet. Posting your home on Zillow is free and enables you to reach a wide audience of potential homebuyers.

If you already hired a realtor to sell your home, chances are they have listed your home for you. If you are selling your home by yourself as a FSBO (“For Sale By Owner”), then this is a simple guide to follow to sell your property quickly.

Step 1: Register with Zillow

First, you will need to register a profile with Zillow. This requires either a) submitting your email address and creating a password or b) linking a profile through Google, Facebook, or Apple.

(For those already registered, simply log into your profile.)

Step 2: Find Your Home

Next, you will need to locate your home by using Zillow’s search function. Simply navigate to your home’s property page by typing your home address on Zillow.

If your property isn’t listed on Zillow, see the “What Do I Do If My Property Isn’t Listed on Zillow?” section below to create a property listing.

Step 3: Listing Your Home for Sale

From the Public view, you will click on the “More” drop-down tab, selecting “List for sale by owner.”

Step 4: Claiming Ownership of Your Home

At this step, you should be prompted to claim ownership of your home if you have not already done so to continue to the next step.

Step 5: Add Details about Your Home

Now that you’ve made it to this step, you will need to set your home price, add photos, edit facts about your home, and provide your contact information on the “For Sale By Owner Listing page.

Note: Of all the steps listed in this article, this one is the most important so don’t rush the process. Just like all the other listings you’ve probably seen on Zillow, making sure the details, photos, and description are accurate to reflect your property. Potential buyers will take every part of your description seriously and will factor the information you provide into whether they would be interested to see your home.

Also, don’t feel that your info is set in stone. Zillow enables you to adjust the details, add photos, and edit pricing. For FSBO homes, you may need to continually adjust the details and address any questions that you receive to provide more information.

Step 6: Terms of Service

Towards the bottom of the page, be sure to review and agree to Zillow’s Terms of Use. Once you’ve reviewed it, click the check box to continue.

Step 7: Finalize Your Listing

Finally, click the blue Post For Sale By Owner button to save your changes and submit your home for sale by owner. After submission, your home will be reviewed by Zillow’s verification team. The review process generally takes 72 hours.

Congratulations! That’s all you have to do when listing your house on Zillow. Now you can start holding an open house, give private screenings, and ultimately sell your home to the right buyer.

What Do I Do If My Property Isn’t Listed on Zillow?

As mentioned in Step 2, if you don’t see your property listed on Zillow, it’s time to create a new listing page. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Zillow profile.
  2. Hover your mouse cursor over the Sell tab, which is found in the navigation menu to the left of the Zillow icon. Click “For sale by owner”.
  3. Enter the exact address of your property, then click “Continue”.

From this point forward, you will follow the steps outlined above from Step 3 onward.

Question: Where Do I Find My Listing?

Now that you’ve completed your listing, you may be wondering how to see your property as buyers do. This is simple, as listings are separated into two categories within the search results page:

  • Agent Listings
  • Other Listings

For your FSBO home, it will appear in the Other Listings tab. Note that Zillow is unable to combine listings from both tabs, nor can you move a For Sale by Owner listing to the Agent Listings tab. If you’ve hired a realtor to help sell your home, contact them to help you navigate through creating an Agent Listing.