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How To Sell Your House Quickly?

Are you looking to sell your home quickly? Who doesn’t.

The truth of the matter is that the home selling process can take on average 65 days and more. While this isn’t a long time, for those looking to transition into the next phase of their lives, this can be exhausting. Remember that time that you spend selling your home can be a drain on your finances and disrupt your sense of normalcy. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to sell your home in the shortest time possible!

Reduce the Asking Price

Time is money. The general rule for selling your house is as follows: The lower the home is priced from fair-market value, the quicker it will be sold. Unless your home is in a highly-prized area or comes with remarkable amenities (i.e. a view, swimming pool, proximity to schools), the final price is a significant factor on how buyers compare properties. How can you sell quickly if your home doesn’t have these factors?

The first step is to find similar homes that are on the market and undercut them as a deal to potential buyers. Even a slight adjustment of several thousand dollars can save you time and headaches that come with an unsold home.

Second, don’t be afraid to adjust your price by several thousand-dollar increments until you receive offers. You may attract sharks that sense that you are “hot to trot” and would be willing to sell at an even-lower price, but having a fixed-price that you won’t go below is a good strategy for a quick sale that isn’t a complete rip-off.

Contact Renovation Companies

Chances are that many contractors in your area specialize in home renovations and flipping these to prospective buyers. The advantage of these companies is that they typically have cash on hand and can purchase the home outright - something that private individuals may spend time deliberating over. Also, renovators are more likely to purchase a home as a fixer-upper without a long period of concessions to bring your home up to code and liveability.

Be advised that, because they are experienced in renovations, they will most likely give you a lower price than homebuyers that don’t know the cost of renovations. Advertise on All Available Outlets Getting the word out is another method to sell your home fast. You’ll want to advertise the home across every medium you can think of. The following are some of the most widely-used ways to attract attention:

  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Groups
  • Placing a “For Sale” sign in your front yard (and the surrounding community)
  • Using an online MLS (Multiple Listing Service) such as Zillow
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Create a custom website that shows of your home
  • Post fliers in high-traffic areas (like community boards, laundromats)

For your advertising materials, use professional photos and media to garner interest. A professional real estate photographer can help you by taking great photos and videos of your home, as well as virtual tours and even drone photography. Expect to pay $300 and more depending on the scope of your project.

Clean and Declutter Your Home

A clean home makes it much easier for potential homebuyers to imagine themselves in the space. Unless your home is empty, you will have to eventually declutter your home so take a preemptive step before putting your home on the market. Here are some tips to make the process a cinch:

  • Rent a storage unit and pack any extra belongings/furnishings that make your home look crowded or messy.
  • Neutralize the home by removing all personal belongings. Family photos, heirlooms, and religious items can distract a homeowner from seeing themselves in your space.
  • Perform a deep clean on every room of the house, replacing any fixture that shows signs of wear. If you’re short on time, hiring a professional cleaning company can have your home sparkling in less than a day.

Hold an Open House

An open house is a great way to drum up interest and stoke the competitive urges of buyers. By having buyers in your home simultaneously, you can enjoy multiple offers on the same day. You will also get some direct feedback about your home’s issues or selling points, which can point out if your home is priced right. Just be sure to hold the open house during the weekend, where you’ll get the maximum amount of visitors that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to make it during the work week.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Looks matter when it comes to a fast home sale. Your home’s exterior needs to attract attention before potential buyers even step foot inside. And there’s no better way than setting your home apart and making a memorable first-impression than focusing on curb appeal.

Just as you would spruce up your home’s interior, you’ll need to make your home look welcoming and tidy from the outside. Here are some tips:

  • Manicure your lawn
  • Trim overgrowth of your property’s shrubs, bushes, and trees
  • Plant attractive flowers
  • Clean all windows
  • Sweep away debris from walkways and stairs
  • Replace dead light bulbs and rusty light fixtures
  • Remove or store any extra vehicles
  • Paint the front door red (a realtor’s trick for turning heads)

Timing is Everything

The secret to a quick home sale is to sell during the busy real estate season. The best time to sell your home is during the spring month. Depending on your area, the more mild months are also great for home sales - for example, Arizona in the fall, Florida in the winter, and so forth. Any time it’s uncomfortable to be outside, you can expect it to take longer to offload your home.