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Tips For A Curb Appeal On A Budget And Front Yard (Porch) Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the popular thought among homebuyers that at a homes value can be assessed from the street. The more curb appeal your home, the higher asking price you can command and the less time on the market. Of course, not everyone has the budget to afford an elaborate makeover. However, you would be surprised how a little TLC and thoughtfulness can give your property a wow-factor.

In this article, we will take a look at a number of tips to achieve the best curb appeal for the lowest cost.

Make Your Lawn Glow

If you own a home, you probably own all the tools to landscape your property. A fresh-cut lawn and tidy foliage boosts your curb appeal. Therefore, get out your mower, pruning shears, and weed whacker and get to work.

Landscaping should be a regular habit for your home when selling, as you never know when someone may drop by to have a look.

If your lawn is dead or dying, there’s a great workaround: green lawn spray paint. This paint is non-toxic and environmentally safe. You can find this paint at most retailers, but you may want to hire a landscaping company to do the job right.

Take Care of the Trees and Branches

Trees and bushes are another landscaping challenge. Cut overgrown bushes that block your home’s features, clog walkways, drape over windows, or just show signs of neglect.

Tree trimming is a bit more involved, as freshly trimmed trees have the potential to look maimed or amateurish. For broken branches out of reach, you can hire a company to remove them if they pose a potential hazard to the home and its occupants.

Accentuate Your Front Door

Of all the methods to increase your curb appeal, accentuating your front door should be high on your list. To do so, paint the door with a bold color that matches your homes exterior. Dark red is normally chosen for this purpose, but the main focus should be to attract the gaze of homebuyers that contrasts the facade of the front of your home.

Installing matching hardware is another way of sprucing up your front door. Choose polished metals for locks and door handles, as well as a clearly visible house number.

Spruce Up Your Garden

A well-groomed garden says to your home visitors that your home has been well-maintained.

Start by thoroughly weeding the garden and removing any falln debris. Next, cover all exposed dirt with mulch make your plants pop.m and create a tidy appearance. Then, plant brightly-colored plants that are likely to bloom during the home-sale process,

Some of the most attractive plants for your garden include petunias, impatiens, black-eyed Susans, and pansies for affordable and long-lasting splashes of color to the front of your home.

Wash Off Dirt and Debris

Chances are that the exterior of your home and walkways has got some dirt and mold growth, so it’s time to remove this for a shiny exterior. Most dirt can be removed with a garden hose and a brush to bring it to a like-new state.

Other stains may be more ingrained, so a power washer is the way to go to remove tough dirt and stains. However, you need to be careful with a power washer, as it can strip paint, remove caulk, and loosen other parts of your home.

Clean Up the Driveway

A clean driveway helps buyers see themselves in a home. You will want to store any vehicles for this purpose, as well as highlight the current condition of the driveway. You can also park your cars around the dude of the home if you don’t have the space to store it.

Take care of any minor cracks by patching or resealing it yourself. This can be a big job, so you will want to weigh the costs of a very damaged driveway versus one that has regular wear and tear.

Last, hide your garbage and recycling containers out of plain sight during the week. You can use your garage, the side of the home, behind a bush - as long as people cannot see them, you’re fine. During collection days, retrieve the containers after they have been emptied.

Make the Windows Shine

Dirty windows says a lot about a home and its seller, so you will want to have windows that clear and shiny, free from smudges, pollen, and fingerprints.

A simple washing with a garden hose goes a long way towards removing cobwebs and insect nests. Use a long-handled brush as well to manually clean windows above the ground floor.