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Who Is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco is most widely known for his stand-up comedy, however, he also has quite an interest in investing in real estate. Before Sebastian found success, he actually used to be a waiter at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. He recently put his home in Los Angeles on the market for $4.5 million. He made some changes in terms of furniture and other unique features; the home is extremely unique. Sebastian and his wife Lana first purchased the property in 2014 for $2.8 million and they went on to do a complete renovation of the space. The ideal buyer for this space would be someone who enjoys vibrant colors and bold patterns.

The Success of Sebastian

In 2018, Sebastian found his success as a comedian, broke records, and sold out arenas. He is a best-selling author of the book “Stay Hungry,” and he also landed a major movie role that won him the Academy Award for best picture. Billboard eventually went on to name him comedian of the year as well. Sebastian is well-respected by his fellow comedic counterparts with Jerry Seinfeld labeling him as his favorite comedian. Sebastian has performed in Radio City Music Hall five times and tickets were sold out each time. He also has a variety of comedy specials, including one on Netflix that is very popular. When the special came out, his book was released the same week and he also performed four shows at Madison Square Garden.

Sebastian Maniscalco

In 2019, Sebastian was named “comedian’s comedian” by People magazine and he continues to take the entertainment world by storm. He speaks often of how hard he has had to work and how much he has fought through to get to where he is now. Sebastian never imagined that he would reach any level of success so high, and he is proud of himself. He also speaks highly of those who have supported him up to this point and came to his shows when no one knew who he was.

Continued Growth

He was named one of the top ten comedians in the world two years in a row from 2017 to 2018. Comedy has opened many new avenues for Sebastian, and he is able to use his success to invest in the things he is passionate about, real estate for example. Sebastian and his wife purchased the home of singer Gwen Stefani after owning their $4.5 million dollar mansion ($2.8 million before renovations) since 2014. Sebastian continues to strive to reach higher levels of success in the entertainment world so that he can continue to build his worth. He did not think he would find such success with his book either, remarking that he thought book writing “was reserved for ex-presidents and people who survived disasters.” It was very difficult for him to share his personal stories regarding his life, past jobs, and his family, but he is very happy and proud that he did. Sebastian moved to Los Angeles in 1988, and he worked long and hard to achieve all that he has. From book sales to sold-out shows, to comedy tours, Sebastian’s success is the result of his drive, support from those closest to him, and unwillingness to give up or take no for an answer.

Challenges of Success

With success comes some challenges, and Sebastian acknowledges this. As he has grown in the industry and more people have come to know who he is, there is more pressure on him to continuously do better and come up with new material. He notes, “it’s almost tougher to stay at the top than it is to get there.” Nonetheless, Sebastian maintains a positive mindset. All he is able to do, he states, is continue to live his life and take in every unique experience that he can and use them for inspiration. He places a priority on family; his wife and two children are major inspirations for him as well. Sebastian Maniscalco is a man of many talents, and real estate investing and flipping is just one of them. He came from humble beginnings and refused to let adversity hinder him, which is why he was able to close on Gwen Stefani’s Home for a whopping $21.6 million a little over a year ago. A huge leap from his first home purchase of $2.8 million in 2014 that he and his wife renovated and sold for $4.5 million. He was able to create investment opportunities for himself which would not have been possible without his determination.